Entry #17

My Trickster Fanart game

2017-05-30 11:27:47 by Shuinvy

Trickster Online is still the best online game I have ever played.

(even though it released Mobile version, I still prefer computer version).


And thanks for all friends who has helped me!!!!


Thank you so much!!!




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2017-05-31 21:32:41

Seems like a nice game, but I cannot do that math game, guessing numbers is not in my nature.
Really glad the game was well received here!

Shuinvy responds:

Many people have solved the game with no question, and the numbers are fixed( I even want to make random one, but it will more difficult for some people, and some people will hate a game
because they cannot solve it).

Just remember the hint of the numbers are related to 7-segment display
( as the style of the numbers in password panel)

Thanks for playing my game, hope you solve it later.